At the heart of Smarter Foods is Danny's invention, CarboStar. CarboStar makes the carbs we crave (like white pasta) better for us. Click on the arrow to learn how CarboStar works.

Why do we need CarboStar?

Many of the foods we enjoy -- such as pasta, pizza, and brownies -- are made from flour. The carbohydrates in these and many other popular foods are highly refined. While they taste great, these carbs get digested very quickly, leaving you feeling tired and hungry not long after you have finished eating. (Think of how you felt the last time you had a candy bar.) Rapidly digested foods (a.k.a. “fast carbs”) cause extreme shifts in blood sugar levels, which can lead to weight gain for everyone and complications for diabetics. CarboStar addresses this problem by making the carbohydrates stronger.

Our CarboStar blend is made from a variety of naturally derived ingredients that form a layer of armor around the carbohydrate. This armor enables the carbohydrate to be digested at a much slower rate. Slow-digesting carbohydrates leave you feeling fuller longer and provide you with longer-lasting energy. Stated differently, CarboStar turns high glycemic products into low glycemic products. Because we don't take anything out, CarboStar foods taste like regular foods.

When you eat a regular carbohydrate-based food (such as pasta), here is what happens:

  1. The carbohydrate (in the form of starch) starts off small in size.
  2. It absorbs water and grows, much like a water balloon.
  3. When the starch reaches its critical capacity, it ruptures and releases its calories. With regular starch, this process happens quickly.

In a CarboStar product (such as Smarter Mac + Cheese), something different happens:

  1. The carbohydrate starts off small in size.
  2. It absorbs water and grows.
  3. At the point the regular starch has ruptured, the CarboStar starch can keep absorbing water and growing larger in size thanks to its CarboStar armor. The calories stay inside the starch granule longer and are released at a slower, more gradual rate.

We have done a lot of research on CarboStar. When Type 2 diabetics tested it, the above graph is what the blood glucose curve looked like. This graph illustrates that CarboStar foods cause a slower and smaller increase in blood sugar.

To make CarboStar foods, we simply add a dash of our CarboStar blend to the flour, and that's all. The rest of the processes are the same. CarboStar-powered foods allow you to enjoy your favorite foods without giving anything up.

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