• Carbostar
    • What are the ingredients you use in CarboStar?

      All of the ingredients we use in our CarboStar blend have been used safely in the food industry for decades or longer. In fact, most of the ingredients appear on the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) Standards list of approved ingredients. Our CarboStar blend ingredients are derived from citrus, beans, vegetable oil, dairy, and seaweed. For example, carrageenan and propylene glycol alginate are both derived from seaweed and are listed on the NOP Standards list. Some of these ingredient names may not be familiar to you, but you’ll see them on the ingredient list of many of the products in your home.

    • Why does CarboStar pasta taste as good as the regular stuff?

      We add a very small amount of our CarboStar blend (between 1-3%) to the regular flour used to make your favorite foods. We don’t take anything away.

    • Could CarboStar help me lose weight?

      Yes, it should. Smarter Foods contain fewer calories than their conventional counterparts. If you take in fewer calories, you should lose weight. Always consult with your physician first before starting any weight loss regimen.

    • Are there any risks to CarboStar?

      None whatsoever. All of the ingredients in CarboStar are naturally derived.

  • Smarter
    • Why don't Smarter Meals require freezing or refrigeration?

      We package our Smarter products using a retort process. A retort process works by cooking the foods in a sealed container at a high temperature (around 250 F). When the container contents reach the cook temperature, in addition to being cooked, the container's contents are sterilized. This is the same process through which meals for our military (meals ready to eat: MREs) are made. Because Smarter Meals don't require refrigeration or freezing, you can take them wherever you want.

    • How long do Smarter Meals last?

      Shelf life for Smarter meals is one year from the date of manufacture. Check the “Best before" date printed on our product packaging.

    • Where can I buy Smarter Foods?

      You can purchase products via our website and through our retail and online partners. Click here for a list of our partners.

    • What other products are you working on?

      We have a long list of Smarter products we would like to bring out, including gluten-free pasta and desserts. Let us know if there is something in particular you would like to see us work on and keep checking our newsroom and r+d pages for updates.

  • Nutrition
    • Why are fast carbs bad for me?

      Fast carbs cause a rapid rise and fall in your blood sugar level, which translates to your energy level. Think of the energy rush and crash you get after eating a candy bar. This rapid sugar crash leaves you feeling hungry, which motivates you to eat more.

    • How do you determine the number of calories in your products?

      We provide our products to certified, third-party laboratories who conduct the NLEA analysis. NLEA stands for “Nutrition Labeling and Education Act.” This act was passed by Congress in 1990 and required food manufacturers to clearly display the food’s nutritional information on packaging. In addition to the number of calories, NLEA analysis provides fiber, carbohydrate, protein, sugar and fat content.