At some point in life, we have all been told to watch what we eat. At Smarter Foods, we're changing the rules of the game by making the foods we like to eat better for us.

Smarter Foods was started by the father-son duo of Danny and Ajay Chawan. Dr. Danny Chawan, an accomplished food scientist and recovering diabetic, observed that time constraints forced people to make dining choices that weren't the best for them. Specifically, Danny saw how his diabetic friends and family members were struggling to find food choices that fit both their medical needs and lifestyles. Many of these diabetics would simply eat as they pleased and compensate with a larger dose of insulin.

Determined to find a solution, Dr. Danny hunkered down in his lab. When he emerged, Danny unveiled CarboStar – a natural way to turn fast carbs into slow carbs without taking away the tastes people enjoy. Realizing that he was onto something significant, Danny filed a patent application for CarboStar in 2001.

When Danny's eldest son Ajay learned of his father's latest invention (Danny is famous for coming up with crazy, new ideas), Ajay realized its potential to help improve the lives of millions of people. He left his engineering job, enrolled in a full-time MBA program, developed a business plan around it, and started Smarter Foods. Six years later, we are ready to bring CarboStar to you.